Dynamic Content

One of the key features of MolPad is its ability to instantly render and highlight specific parts of molecular structures, making it a powerful tool for creating interactive and engaging educational resources. Below is an example paragraph about the different structural representations of the molecular formula C4H8O. By clicking on the hyperlinks in the text you see the different structures appear in the presentation box.

“The molecular formula C4H8O has different structural representations. Butanal has four C-atoms on the main group, while 2-methylpropanal has three C-atoms on the main group and a methyl group in the middle. C4H8O also exists as a cyclical ether, which is a ring of C-atoms and one O-atom. An example of that is tetrahydrofuran.”

Smart Assessment

With MolPad, we have developed several solutions for interactive and intuitive drawing of structural formulas, enabling the student to practice with topics like chemical naming, functional groups, and Lewis structures in a digital environment. By providing smart feedback based on specific errors, the student can gain more insight than with multiple choice questions.

Below you can test your knowledge of Lewis structures using our chemistry sketcher. Via the toolbar, you can select atoms, bond types and Lewis dots, or erase elements of your drawing. During the assignment, you can ask for hints to guide you to the correct answer. Once you have completed the assignment, you can validate your answers using the check button.

Draw the Lewis structure of BH2-.