Use Cases

Organic and structural chemistry are difficult parts of the chemistry class. It is important for the student that the material is explained in an accessible way and that there is enough practice material on which targeted feedback is given. Lesson material with visual interactions can help with this. MolPad ensures that complex chemical concepts are just as easily integrated into a digital learning environment as the other material.

MolPad enables:

  • Interactive content
  • Unlimited exercises
  • Instant feedback
  • Learning insight

Improve Content

As a teacher or educational platform developer you know the importance of providing engaging and interactive learning experiences for your students. MolPad’s interactive chemistry sketcher can help you achieve that by providing a low code environment for creating dynamic content and interactive questions.

Personalize Learning

MolPad’s smart assessment feature allows students to learn how to draw structural formulas and Lewis structures at their own pace. The results of the automated assessment provide teachers with valuable insights into their students’ understanding. These insights allow teachers to tailor their instruction and support to the individual needs of each student.

Increase Accessibility

By providing a more interactive and visual way of learning chemistry, MolPad helps students better understand abstract concepts that can be difficult to grasp. Students can practice indefinitely, and the tool’s ability to provide formative feedback on assignments allows students to receive immediate learning support for complex material, improving the learning experience of all.